Our Line of Enterprise Class Content Solutions...

helps publishers, brands & agencies develop & implement effective production strategies for print, web & mobile.

Online Ad
Submission & File Checking

SendMyAd saves time, money and resources by streamlining & automating the ad submission process. Upload, preflight, approve & deliver ad materials with ease.


Planning & Management

Virtual Publisher is designed to help you plan, produce, collaborate & approve all elements of a publication for multi-channel output including: print, web, mobile & tablet.

Virtual Publisher

Flexible Media
Production Workflow Engine

Dalim Twist is a fully automated, pre-media file processing platform that will reduce your overhead & significantly accelerate your production workflow.

Dalim Twist

Centralized Project Management
& Multi-Channel Workflow

Dalim ES will help you produce, manage, transform & share digital content with the appropriate tools, the right people, at the right time — any time & anywhere.

Dalim ES


Search over 100 agencies & 100 million hi-res images online with IDS. IDS provides access to the top live and archived images, videos & features around the world.

IDS PictureDesk


Manage your IT infrastructure with ease. By simplifying & automating tasks, you can increase productivity and create a more flexible & resilient infrastructure.


Document Editing

CHILI Publisher is an online document editing solution that integrates seamlessly & transparently within a wide range of workflows & production platforms.

CHILI Publish

Multi-Platform Synchronization,
Backup & Archival

Archiware's P5 software suite allows users to synchronize, back up & archive data across platforms on Mac, Windows,
Linux & Solaris.


The Blanchard Solution

For almost twenty years we’ve been helping companies maximize their customer reach by providing best-in-class creative, production workflow and management systems. Partnering with like-minded vendors that provide award-winning and industry-proven technologies, our goal is to deliver flexible,easy-to-use, collaborative solutions that address your most pressing business process challenges.

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Trusted By The Best

"SendMyAd helped us reduce our staffing and time for processing ads from a 3 day cycle to 15 minutes. We also implemented Virtual Publisher. I cant even begin to imagine replacing it with something else. It has helped us cut our production cycle in half."

Haithan Barakat, Advertising Specialty Institute

Haithan Barakat

"We partenered with Blanchard back in 2001 to introduce the ad portal to our business, and it has been a very successful tool. We also decided to adopt Virtual Publisher. One of the main reasons for that was to give us the transparency needed between our editorial team and our planning team, to get a visual of the book much earlier in the process."

Maria Blondeaux, Niche Media

Maria Blondeaux, Chief Operating Officer
GreenGale Publishing

"What we have really loved about working with Blanchard Systems is that as the needs have changed, they quickly act to develop what is needed to meet our needs and the needs of other publishers around the world"

Drew Yearian, Time Inc

Drew Yearian, Prepress Systems Manager
Time Inc.