Our Line of Enterprise Class Content Solutions...

helps publishers, brands & agencies develop & implement effective production strategies for print, web & mobile.

Online Ad
Submission & File Checking

SendMyAd saves time, money and resources by streamlining & automating the ad submission process. Upload, preflight, approve & deliver ad materials with ease.


Planning & Management

Virtual Publisher is designed to help you plan, produce, collaborate & approve all elements of a publication for multi-channel output including: print, web, mobile & tablet.

Virtual Publisher

Flexible Media
Production Workflow Engine

Dalim Twist is a fully automated, pre-media file processing platform that will reduce your overhead & significantly accelerate your production workflow.

Dalim Twist

Centralized Project Management
& Multi-Channel Workflow

Dalim ES will help you produce, manage, transform & share digital content with the appropriate tools, the right people, at the right time — any time & anywhere.

Dalim ES


Manage your IT infrastructure with ease. By simplifying & automating tasks, you can increase productivity and create a more flexible & resilient infrastructure.


Document Editing

CHILI Publisher is an online document editing solution that integrates seamlessly & transparently within a wide range of workflows & production platforms.

CHILI Publish

Multi-Platform Synchronization,
Backup & Archival

Archiware's P5 software suite allows users to synchronize, back up & archive data across platforms on Mac, Windows,
Linux & Solaris.


Engage Conference Recap

Our incredible clients join us during our Engage NYC Blanchard networking conference to discuss the future of our solutions, learn about newly developed tools and features, educate us on new challenges they face as publishers, collaborate on their successes to share best industry practices with one another and influence our focus regarding future development to ensure we remain poised to continue delivering innovative, beneficial solutions to their most pressing production needs.

With deeply invested, collaborative relationships, our clients are more than just customers, they are true partners, helping shape the future of Blanchard Systems.

Latest News

Blanchard Systems Partners with Lane Press

Blanchard Systems is proud to have partnered with Lane Press as a value-added reseller for SendMyAd and Virtual Publisher. This newly formed affiliation will provide publishers who are partnered with both Blanchard Systems and Lane Press deepened synchronization among their production technology and print services. Our relationship with Lane Press aims to give publishers who… View Article

The Blanchard Solution

For almost twenty years we’ve been helping companies maximize their customer reach by providing best-in-class creative, production workflow and management systems. Partnering with like-minded vendors that provide award-winning and industry-proven technologies, our goal is to deliver flexible, easy-to-use, collaborative solutions that address your most pressing business process challenges.

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Trusted By The Best

"We certainly see efficiency in our workflow. We certainly see efficiency in terms of staffing. Those are the two biggest things, and then, certainly, we've seen a good upside from a cost perspective as well."

Maria Blondeaux, Niche Media

Chris Noble, Sr. Director of Print Operations

"SendMyAd has been a very efficient tool for all the publishers. It's ease-of-use, number one, I think is it's biggest benefit. It wide ranges from ad agencies to big ad agencies all the way down to what we would consider the smaller or "mom and pop" type publishers..."

Willis Caster, American Media Inc.

Willis Caster, Senior Production Director
American Media Inc.

"What we've always been very impressed with BSI is that they're very quick to respond and you come back with ideas... It's always a very collaborative atmosphere."

Drew Yearian, Time Inc

Drew Yearian, Production Technologies Manager
Time Inc.