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SendMyAd. An Interactive Ad Portal.

SendMyAd is an all-in-one, web-based ad preflight and approval portal. Managing your ads just go a whole lot easier! Learn more

Magazine Publishing Made Simple.

Virtual Publisher is an online system designed to help you plan, create, collaborate and approve all elements of a publication’s multichannel production for print, web, mobile and tablet - all from your web browser. Learn more

Tablet Ready Publications in One Click.

Would you like to simplify the creation of your digital editions? Virtual Publisher allows you to duplicate your print magazine for digital in one click. Contact us to find out more. Learn more

Accurate, Affordable Project Management.

ES delivers streamlined tools to allow users to visually review documents using a simple web browser. Learn More.

Powerful and Flexible Workflow Automation.

Reduce overhead and significantly accelerate your production workflow with new found efficiency with TWiST. Learn More.

Welcome to Blanchard Systems

For the last nineteen years we have helped our clients reduce overhead through increased efficiency and streamlined workflows. But those are just some of the many benefits we can help your organization realize. Today’s ever-changing media landscape has created new challenges – you need to deliver more materials in less time than ever before. That’s where Blanchard Systems can help. Working closely with you and your colleagues, we ensure that time and money- previously wasted on inefficient processes, or outdated technologies – can be channeled into strengthened stake holder value. The result? Increased output from your present resources and ongoing competitive advantage.

It’s obvious that you know your business better than anyone else. What may not be as clear are the different ways that Blanchard Systems can help your organization deliver materials faster and be more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Contact us. Together we can explore your possibilities. View our solutions.