Streamlined Publication Production with Output to Print & Digital

Virtual Publisher simplifies the planning, production, and management of multi-channel publishing projects using intelligent
collaboration and automation tools. Spend more time on your content and less on the technicalities.
Virtual Publisher | Publication Production


Lead times continue to shorten. Content needs to be delivered in more varied ways. Todays publication production has never been more challenging. Virtual Publisher helps organizations of all sizes to produce their publications faster, leaner and more effectively.

Bringing together planning, production, collaboration, approval, delivery and even proofing, Virtual Publisher allows publishers, agencies and in-house marketing departments to control and manage all aspects of production from an easy-to-use interface.

As a “cloud-based” system, there’s no software to install, administer or maintain. Virtual Publisher seamlessly connects editorial, advertising, traffic, premedia and digital departments into a single, cohesive project management and production portal, accessible from anywhere.

How It Works


  • As flat plans are created using issue templates, editorial & any booked ads can be placed right away. Ads submitted & approved in SendMyAd show up in the publication’s clipboard ready to be placed.


  • Once planning is completed, the flat plan is promoted to production, and hi res editorial pages can be uploaded and pre-flighted to compliance with the publication’s specifications


  • Final pages are ready for approval through Virtual Publisher’s approval system. Management can assign necessary tasks to team members


  • Final Approved ad pages, editorial, and images are merged into final pages and delivered to printer or outputted to digital
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Product Features

Editorial/Ad Metadata Import (CSV)

When importing your publications editorial & ad materials information, Virtual Publisher provides a fast & easy solution to transfer your data directly into the system without wasting time & energy.

Multi-Publication Support

Whether you are working with one title or 50, Virtual Publisher’s organized platform allows teams to easily manage unique specifications across multiple titles within one solution.

Signature Management

Virtual Publisher allows teams to analyze, create & dissect book plans on a signature level, with the ability to view each individually, & insert special signatures directly into the plan. This functions allows publishers easily to add, remove or reorder signatures.

Email Notifications

Automated custom email notifications keep your team in sync throughout the entire production process. When milestones occur, Virtual Publisher will immediately send users the information needed to accomplish their goals.

Region & Edition Support

Virtual Publisher allows users to easily manage issue regionalization. Book covers, advertisements & editorials can be targeted to a specific region, maximizing the engagement of your readers based on their location.

Custom Ad Size Definitions

Virtual Publisher is built to work specifically for your publication. When constructing your account, our team will use your publication’s custom ad specifications, ensuring that every page matches your expectations, every time.

Autoflow & Coverage Based Planning

Virtual Publisher provides publishers the ability to create both fixed shape & flowing editorials. Editorials can be configured to allow or deny separation of the pages, giving the publisher full control the layout & design of the issue.

Template Creation/Recurring Layout

When creating a new issue or title, Virtual Publisher allows users to easily duplicate templates with the click of a mouse. Teams can reproduce layouts & specifications of an issue immediately saving valuable time.

Custom Approval Cycles

Construct your approval cycles to create maximum efficiency within your team, allowing teams to approve pages in sequences that best fit their workflow. With approval cycles, mistakes are a thing of the past!

Editorial Manager InDesign Plugin

The Editorial & Page Manger Plugins allow users to seamlessly transfer text assignments, photography & ad materials from Virtual Publisher directly into InDesign & vice versa. Users are able to upload print-ready files directly from InDesign to Virtual Publisher, saving valuable time & increasing efficiency.