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SendMyAd streamlines production by automating ad checking and delivery - faster and easier than ever before. Every ad meets every quality criteria, every time.
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Checking received materials from advertisers is a slow, time-consuming, manual process that takes up valuable resources. Production staff has to ensure that each ad meets publication specifications, is free from errors, and includes the correct insertion order details.

Thousands of publishers across the country rely on SendMyAd to streamline their ad acceptance processes by automating the checking and delivery of ads.

With SendMyAd as your online ad portal, you’re assured that every ad received meets publication specs. The result is longer lead times, reduced costs and increased efficiencies.

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Product Features

Print, Web & Mobile

One portal – many formats. Receive all forms of digital ad materials from your advertisers including web banner ads, tablet ads (inc DFT & EFT ads), as well as multiple sized ads for print.


Interactive Preflight Reports

As ad materials are uploaded, SendMyAd rejects or flags any non-compliant ad materials. This ensures that the ads submitted are ready to be published with no errors.


Ad Materials Pickup

Ads can be picked up from issue to issue, or from publication to publication. This allows advertisers to quickly use materials that are ready to go.


Online Trim / Re-position Tools

With our online trim tool advertisers can re-position or fit ads to fulfill different ad specifications without having to recreate content.


Custom Notifications

SendMyAd can automatically notify advertisers and publishers when problems occur. File uploads, image preflight issues, and nearly approaching deadlines are just a few of the warnings that can be automatically sent.


Job Ticket / Insertion Orders

All insertion order information is stored inside the ad materials record, and is injected into the final PDF file as XMP metadata, ensuring the right file is used for every insertion.


Custom Approval Cycles

Approval cycles can be created at any step of the ad submission process. Approvals are required for any preflight warnings found within the supplied ad materials, and publishers can work with advertisers to help sort out any problems related to the submission. Publisher based approvals can also be created to further enhance the workflow, and provide one final checkpoint.


Publication Management

SendMyAd manages all milestones within the publication including the issues ad submission deadline, shipping date, on sale date, and all of the ad size specifications for the publication. SendMyAd notifies publishers and advertisers when materials have not been received on time.


Online Ad Creator

Our template-based ad creation system allows publisher to design ads that advertisers fill in. Submission of text and graphics in a predefined format, with an easy to use web interface, makes creating ads simple for even the newest user. A perfect solution for those back-of-book ads that need the same feel throughout the publication.


CT Vector

The CT Vector feature allows users to reformat files for optimization on tablet and mobile devices. This tool eliminates the effect of “stitching” that often occurs when a standard PDFX1A is used for an ad designed to display on a tablet. With one click of the mouse users can immediately create at CT Vector file.


Remove Marks Tool

The Remove Marks tool was designed to alleviate the work involved with ads that contain marks for printer use only. When these marks fall within the bleed on the file issues at the printer can occur. With the Remove Marks tool, Publishers can remove these marks safely from the ad, ensuring that no errors occur when the ad is sent to press.