Blanchard Video Library

Here at Blanchard, we want to provide you with the resources you need to improve your production processes. Our video library offers everything from product and features overviews to case studies and customer interviews.

SendMyAd Digital

SendMyAd digital removes the manual work from collecting the assets that make up web & mobile application-based advertisements.

SendMyAd Overview

Ensure every ad you receive is ready for print, every time! With SendMyAd, the process of collecting ad materials from your clients is easier than ever before!

Virtual Publisher Overview

Planning and producing a publication has never been easier. Discover how Virtual Publisher can transform your production workflows.

Virtual Publisher Billing Reports

With the ability to quickly download billing reports, you’ll always have the information you needed to budget your publication, and track revenue every step of the way.

Seamless Editorial Production

From writing creating assignments, writing content, placing editorials in the book plan, and merging artwork with articles, Virtual Publisher’s editorial platform does it all.

Virtual Publisher Placement Rules

Incorrectly placed ads slowing down production times and creating extra work for your team? Eliminate those timely errors with position tags and competitive distancing!

Virtual Publisher InDesign Plugin

This plugin allows for information to be sent to and from both platforms with ease, and centralized cloud storage of your living InDesign document allows your entire team to easily collaborate on pages.

SendMyAd Advertiser UI Interface

With an ad submission platform designed with advertisers in mind, submitting ads and correcting mistakes is easier for your advertising partners than ever before.

SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher

When used as one, SendMyAd and Virtual Publisher are poised to managed your entire production process from beginning to end, without missing a beat.

SendMyAd CT Vector Imaging

With SendMyAd’s CT Vector image conversion, users can immediately convert files into the proper format for tablet and mobile devices, ensuring a perfect display, every time.

SendMyAd Position and Placement

Never misplace and ad again! With position tags and placement rules, publishers can take a proactive approach to ensuring their ads are placed correctly within every issue.