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At Blanchard, we provide intelligent, integrated solutions through a full understanding of your business, while ensuring continued success with in-depth training sessions and full tech support.

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Solutions tailored to your needs

The most successful companies operate quickly and efficiently. Our line of enterprise class content solutions helps publishers, brands & agencies develop & implement effective production strategies for print, web & mobile.

Asset Studio Digital Media Production Software
Digital Media Production

Streamline your digital media production workflow with the latest in technology including facial & object recognition, advanced comparison tools, collaborative corrections workflows & more.

SendMyAd Online Ad Submission Portal
Online Ad Submission

Dramatically save on time, money and valuable resources by streamlining and automating your entire ad submission process. Upload, preflight, approve and deliver ad materials with ease.

Virtual Publisher Book Planning & Management Software
Book Planning & Management

Simplify the process of planning, producing & approving all elements of a publication for multi-channel output (print, web, mobile & tablet) using intelligent collaboration and automation tools.

Dalim Intelligent Workflow Software
Custom Workflow Solutions

Produce, manage, transform and share digital content within a fully automated, pre-media file processing platform that will reduce your overhead & significantly accelerate your production workflow.

Engage NYC
Conference Recap

Our incredible clients join us to discuss the future of our solutions, learn about newly developed platforms and features, educate us on new challenges they face and influence our focus regarding future development to ensure we remain poised to continue delivering innovative, beneficial solutions to their most pressing production needs.

The Blanchard Solution

The Blanchard Solution

For over 20 years we’ve been helping companies maximize their customer reach by providing best-in-class creative, production workflow and management systems. Partnering with like-minded vendors that provide award-winning and industry-proven technologies, our goal is to deliver flexible, easy-to-use, collaborative solutions that address your most pressing business process challenges.

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February 28, 2021 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update Release Notes
February 28, 2021 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update Release Notes
November 15, 2020 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update Release Notes
November 15, 2020 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update Release Notes
Coronavirus COVID-19 Message
Coronavirus COVID-19 Message

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