Add complex creative production processes as you grow, all with one easy-to-implement, easy-to-scale, automated workflow solution.

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Dalim Intelligent Workflow Software

Reduce Overhead with Intelligent Workflow Automation

With DALIM software, you can now create powerful production workflows that suit your specific needs. It’s time to automate all of those repetitive tasks, such as preflighting, file optimization and conversion, color management, image transformations and trapping, and more. DALIM also outputs different formats, depending on your intended use for any given file.

Dalim Software Intelligent Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Create powerful production workflows that suit your specific needs and will help you increase production without adding resources. It’s time to automate all of those repetitive tasks.

Flexible Open Architecture

Take advantage of third-party scripting tools, which makes Dalim software the most flexible, future-proof workflow engine available today, ensuring a lasting return-on-investment well into tomorrow.

Multi Channel Output

With Dalim software, you can setup custom workflows to output various different formats for any given file, which can then be delivered to the specified destinations.

Streamline your workflow.

The features you need to maximize content & automate workflows

Cross Media Workflow

DALiM solutions offer flexible platforms combatable with file types meant for an endless number of media channels. Providing your team the ability to diversify your media offering and expand your marketplace footprint, DALiM’s Twist and ES solutions are poised to enhance your workflows and manage your content for every medium your business touches.

Custom Integration & 3rd Party Connectivity

DALiM’s platforms provide a robust API that allows brands to connect their favorite tools to the Twist and ES platforms. Our systems are designed with dexterity, ensuring our clients can strengthen connectivity across their technology platforms, increasing efficiency even beyond the direct reach of the platforms we provide.

Automated Quality Control

Utilizing industry leading proofing capabilities, DALiM’s solutions look to streamline even the most intricate workflows. Ensuring your media content is perfect every time, our systems automate the flattening of files, even with the most complex transparencies, the conversion of color scales from RGB to CMYK, and allows for a pixel by pixel comparison of images to perfect proofing and approval workflows.

Performance & Flexibility

DALiM’s Twist and ES solutions are positioned to tackle even the largest and most complex of projects. Our enterprise class solutions offer scalable tools that can be molded to complement intricate workflows, automate complicated operations and establish wide reaching efficiencies across multiple teams. Designed with adaptability in mind, DALiM’s industry leading platforms are poised to simplify your most challenging needs.

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