We Are Blanchard

For over 20 years we’ve been helping companies maximize customer reach by providing best-in-class creative, production workflow & management systems. Partnering with like-minded vendors that provide award-winning & industry-proven technologies, our goal is to deliver flexible, easy-to-use, collaborative solutions that address your most pressing business process challenges.

Experience + an intelligent approach

Serving world-renowned brands such as ESPN, Time Inc., American Media and Hearst for more than two decades, Blanchard Systems has remained on the frontier of workflow automation technology design, proudly producing tailored, industry leading, cloud-based solutions for business partners spanning the globe.

Our business relationships with industry leading brands in the publishing, media, entertainment, advertising and retail verticals have placed us in a position to create and implement elegant tools that serve our clients and their teams at every turn. In offering uniquely designed, intuitive software solutions, we aim to serve as a partner to our clients and their individual missions. We recognize that as our customer’s markets advance and adapt, so must our technology platforms. Through targeted research and critical customer engagement, our software designers are equipped with the knowledge needed to provide immaculate solutions to our partners within the media and publishing industries.

Our team consists of individuals who passionately bring together experience in both software design and workflow automation. It’s through this deep understanding of both technology and workflow efficiency that we deliver our partners unique solutions tailored to aid and perfect their processes at every turn.

The Blanchard Solution

Working Together

In beginning a successful relationship, our first step is to understand your business. To put together an intelligent, integrated solution for your company, we need to formulate a clear picture of your present workflow strengths and weaknesses, as well as your organizational needs and goals.


We start with an onsite review of your existing processes, procedures, systems and workflow. We inventory your hardware and interview key personnel in your organization, including production personnel, IT personnel, department managers, customer reps and project managers. These discovery sessions help us understand your goals, and enable us to work together to determine the right solution[s] to streamline your workflow with new, technologically driven efficiencies. We then assign the appropriate Project Manager who determines deliverables and timelines, to ensure a smooth deployment of your solution.

Deployment & Training

Once we stage, configure and test your system, we make sure you get the most out of it. We not only train your key personnel in the use of the system, but we teach the underlying logic of your system as well. We have found that this type of in-depth training helps your users think outside of the box, and empowers smooth, successful adaptation.

Ensuring Success

To assist in your continued success and, that you have access to the expertise you need, we provide different levels of technical support. In addition, ongoing upgrades are part of the package and, if needed, the requisite training for any new features is available as well. Essentially, we become a logical extension of your in-house technical resources- a partner you can rely on.

How can we help?

Have questions or want to schedule a demo? Let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.