SendMyAd Used by More Than 500 Magazine Titles

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SendMyAd reports that it has over 500 magazines titles currently offering the SendMyAd ad portal service to their advertisers. Titles ranging from newsweeklies to monthly consumer, lifestyle, special interest, and B2B publications have adopted SendMyAd to improve and streamline the advertising materials production process. This process includes automation of sending, approving, and receiving ad materials between the stakeholders in the process: publishers, advertisers, and printers.

SendMyAd is a web based Software as a Service ad portal which is accessed using a standard web browser on any computer anywhere in the world to simplify the process of ad material submission to publishers. With SendMyAd, ad materials can be uploaded, preflighted, approved, and delivered to the publisher or their printer all within a simple to use web portal. It provides both the publisher and advertiser with an interactive preflight report highlighting the results of preflight tests performed against the publisher’s ad specifications. With an easy to use trim editing tool, ads can be repositioned and trimmed to fit the publisher’s ad specification without resubmitting or leaving the ad portal. SendMyAd creates a PDF/X-1a and retains all job ticket and history as metadata, which become a permanent part of the ad file. Finally, SendMyAd delivers the ad to the publisher, ready for placement in the magazine. The final ad and all related assets are stored on the SendMyAd portal for pickup in a later publication. SendMyAd provides the publisher with all the tools necessary to manage their ad production online.

Charles Blanchard, CEO of SendMyAd stated, “magazine publishers providing SendMyAd to their advertisers report productivity gains of up to 30%. In these economic times gains in productivity of this nature mean publishers can do more with less. In house resources can be devoted to other important tasks other than preflighting ads for print. Don’t forget the environmental impact of SendMyAd. For example the amount of proofing materials are reduced and the need for overnight courier services are eliminated.

The acceptance of SendMyAd by the publishing and advertising community has been overwhelming. With more than 500 magazines titles we are serving a diverse group of publishers from the largest media groups to sole proprietors. Advertisers tell us the SendMyAd user interface makes SendMyAd the easiest ad portal to use, Charles Blanchard went on to say.”