GMG FlowConnect integrates color management solutions in DALiM TWiST workflows and ES

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Tuebingen – GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, is pleased to announce that the workflow integration software GMG FlowConnect is now available for DALiM TWiST and DALiM ES. DALiM TWiST is a fully-automated often used premedia job processing system, designed to automate the internal production workflow processes.

Based on job tickets, GMG FlowConnect enables the centralized operation and control of the GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer 4.6 color management solutions for all jobs within a production workflow.

This results in less training, because the operators can still work in their familiar DALiM TWiST environment, and less manual, error-prone work as all color management tasks are automated in an intelligent way by DALiM TWiST.

The administrative effort is reduced because: – only a few hot folders have to be configured – profiles and settings are synchronized from one workstation for the entire network leading to cost savings and higher efficiency.

GMG FlowConnect with DALiM TWiST is extremely easy to install: the new Dalim Software Module “GMGLink” automatically configures FlowConnect. Thereafter, the status of all jobs can be tracked completely in DALiM TWiST. Once installed, GMG color management processes take place fully automatically in the background.

Additionally, GMG FlowConnect permits load balancing across several GMG color management systems, thus ensuring optimum capacity utilization and, if one system fails, guarantees that all jobs continue to be processed.

GMG FlowConnect is also supported by DALiM ES. With its new ES technology, Dalim Software delivers a streamlined customer-facing environment for online file delivery and approval. Sharing joint projects with all participants of the production workflow from creative to print production is made easy with an intuitive interface through any standard web browser. The process is fully automated, yet customizable for specific needs. FlowConnect extends this functionality with project-based color management. GMG color management can be scheduled and monitored as a “milestone” in each project. ES can also manage color by customer base, so that all customer-specific projects use of the same color management settings to ensure consistent results.

“GMG and Dalim Software are established strategic partners and we have many joint customers. With GMG FlowConnect we combine the best from both companies”, says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.

Carol Werle, CEO of Dalim Software GmbH, adds “We will further enhance our close worldwide partnership in the future to benefit current and future customers by further developing and integrating new and interesting products like ES. A proof of our close collaboration is that GMG FlowConnect is sold by the GMG and Dalim Software dealer channel.”