December 5, 2021 Virtual Publisher & SendMyAd Update Release Notes

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SendMyAd Digital – Native Ads

We’re eager to engage our customers in beta testing our new SendMyAd Digital Native Ad development. Please contact us if you’d like to gain access and learn more about this feature. You can also check out a related blog post and video here.

  • Added new importable social media layouts for Facebook Feed Ad (Mobile) and Instagram Feed Ad.
    Social media ad templates can be imported directly into your media profile via the “Ad Units” tab -> “Actions” menu -> “Import Social Templates”. These templates have been created for your convenience so that requesting ad materials for these layouts is as simple as possible.
  • Added several new items available for component types and configuration:
    • Added a new component type of “Media” to replace specific “Video” and “Image” types, allowing for more flexibility when requesting materials from advertisers.
    • Added ability to mark components as “required” or not.
    • Added new component option for “Preflight Method” with choices of warn vs reject. This will dictate whether the advertiser will be presented with a warning or rejection if the requirements for that specific component are not met.
    • Added new “Menu Options” fill method for text & link components. This allows for advertisers to choose from a list of already provided options such as “Learn More” and “Shop Now” instead of just providing custom text.
  • Added ellipsis at the end of text and link components whenever the content is cut off by the surrounding container.
  • Added a “Views” menu item at the bottom right of the ad details view. This allows for 2 options: 1) “Shrink to fit screen” for native ads that are larger than the viewport. 2) “View 100%” to see native ads at full-size.
  • Added a “Components” column to the Digital Ads report within the “Reports” main list view.
  • Added ability to include a company-wide custom message on the “Add Materials” screen.
  • Added components list to digital receipts

SendMyAd Digital – General

  • Enabled sequential email notification feature on “Create Ad Request” form
  • Added ability to view and filter by “Digital Ads” within the “Deliveries” main list view
  • Added ability to view and filter by “Digital Ads” within the “Your Approvals” main list view
  • Added ability to hide disabled ad units within media profiles
  • Added “Publisher Approval” as an available option to filter by within the “Digital Ads” main list view
  • Added support for transparent PNGs
  • Achieved big improvements in load time for “Campaigns” and “Digital Ads” main list view

Virtual Publisher

  • Support for Adobe 2022 plugins have been released
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