TWIST 6.4 resolves artifacts in iPad Ads

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Kehl, Germany, May 29, 2012 – DALIM SOFTWARE, developers of highly efficient, scalable enterprise software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, announces their latest release of the award-winning TWIST workflow automation technology, featuring its new feature to optimize PDF files for use on mobile devices, confirmed by the Ghent PDF Workgroup and Roularta Media Group. The new normalization feature helps to convert PDF files, originally intended for print, to high-quality, small footprint files for use on mobile devices such as the iPad.

“Many of the files we receive from agencies typically display artifacts and small white lines when used on mobile devices. Neither quality nor file size meet the requirements of our advertisers, who also wish to conduct full text searches on content and keep embedded URLs live,” says Peter Maes, Assistant PreMedia Director at Roularta Media Group.

“Comparing several workflow solutions clearly demonstrated to us that only DALIM SOFTWARE’s TWIST is able to produce reliable artwork for our iPad magazines,” adds Bart Van Looy, Quality Assurance Officer at Sanoma Media Belgium and Co-chair of GWG’s Cross Media Subcomittee, confirming the result.

“DALIM SOFTWARE products always focus on delivering high quality media content for any kind of device or market vertical. A good, recent example is our ES 3, with its HTML 5 export and the ability to enrich content and produce interactive iPad Apps. TWIST 6.4 is another step in our on-going development efforts to help our customers meet any new challenge in cross-media production,” concludes Dr. Carol WerlĂ©, CEO of DALIM SOFTWARE.

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