VMware virtualization transforms the management of your IT infrastructure. Servers become dynamic software files that can be provisioned, managed, secured and protected with greater speed and efficiency using an on-demand pool of infrastructure resources. Applications can be delivered seamlessly with the highest level of availability and service levels, without the cost and complexity of traditional IT solutions.

VMware vCenter solutions provide a universal hub for managing the VMware vSphere platform. By simplifying and automating management tasks, you can increase IT productivity and create a more flexible and resilient infrastructure. From development and test labs to mission-critical applications, VMware vCenter enables the broadest visibility and deepest management of your virtualized datacenter.

VMware’s vCenter management platform provides a proven approach to managing the virtualized datacenter, allowing you to streamline IT management and reduce operating costs. It offers the most comprehensive platform for optimizing critical IT processes and workflows in datacenter. Tens of thousands of customers rely on VMware vCenter to manage their IT infrastructure.