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Having a hard time getting advertisers to send in production ready ad materials?solutions_sma2


We will demonstrate how SendMyAd simplifies the process of receiving ad materials into your publication.

We’ll show you how you can automate your ad workflow to:

  • Create email requests and reminders for material submissions to advertisers
  • Pre-flight ad materials to your publications specifications
  • Alert advertisers to any problems in a friendly easy to use web interface
  • Get a digital approval of submitted ad materials

Meet Haitham Barakat, Executive Director of Advertising Specialty Institute

Haitham will share his experience with SendMyAd and how it has helped ASI improve their ad workflow processes for internal staff and externally for advertisers with a simplified system for submitting and approving the ad materials.

Please join us for a 30 minute webinar on how SendMyAd can revolutionize your ad management process.

DATE: Wednesday, July 31, 2013
TIME: 2:00pm EDT, 1:00pm CDT and 11:00am PDT

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Haitham Barakat – Executive Director, Production, ASI
Haitham S. Barakat, Executive director of production at Advertising Specialty Institute, Haitham is responsible for all production aspects for magazines, catalogs, marketing materials, Electronic advertising and warehouse services.
Before Joining ASI, Haitham was production manager at education testing service – ETS, where he was responsible of the production of 2 major education program materials, prior he was a production manager at the American Chamber of commerce.

Read more about AGI in our SendMyAd Case Study: Advertising Specialty Institute


About SendMyAd
SendMyAd was designed and created by Blanchard System, Inc. with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It’s as easy as Upload, Approve, and Deliver. From upload to approval to final delivery, SendMyAd’s easy to use web interface enables publishers and advertisers to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Once the ad is approved, the final PDF/X1a is delivered with all metadata included as XMP creating a truly “smart ad”. Learn More