Press Release: Blanchard Systems Achieves US Postal PAGE Certification

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Virtual Publisher Now Certified As a Trusted USPS Partner for Periodicals

New Orleans, LA, July 8th 2018­­­ – Blanchard Systems has received PAGE Certification from the United States Postal Service for Virtual Publisher.  Virtual Publisher is Blanchard’s cloud based SAAS solution to Plan, Produce, Approve and Deliver Ad and Editorial page content.  This certification eliminates the need to send marked copies of magazines to United States Postal Service for review of weight, caliper and total ad percentage. Instead, Virtual Publisher produces reports of the publication once finalized that can be delivered directly to the Postal Service saving time and money.

The Periodicals Accuracy, Grading and Evaluation (PAGE) program evaluates a publication and print planning (ppp) software to determine its accuracy in calculating an issue’s makeup according to DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) standards.

“We are extremely excited to receive postal certification for Virtual Publisher.  This is a big win for our Publishing customers that are, every day, fighting new challenges to produce more with less, and this certification takes away a tremendous amount of manual labor marking up magazines for postal compliance” says Charles Blanchard, CEO of Blanchard Systems.

The achievement of PAGE certification requires PPP software platforms to show the ability to accurately provide the United States Postal Service with data for a publication’s ink density, paper weight, binding type, and other characteristics used to determine shipping costs for magazines. By working closely with Virtual Publisher publishing clients and the USPS, Blanchard Systems completed the requirements for this official certification and can now provide this automated service for publishers in both the B2B and B2C business verticals.

For more than 20 years Blanchard Systems has served the publishing industry by providing production workflow and management systems. Their cloud-based products, SendMyAd and Virtual Publisher, offer full range workflow solutions to streamline Publication Ad reception and Editorial and Pre-media production cycles.


For more information please call Mitch Braig at 504-529-8869 or email mbraig@blansys.com