November 15, 2020 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update Release Notes

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Please contact us if you have any questions about the release notes below. 

Virtual Publisher Specific

  • Major speed improvements for plan snapshot creation
  • The book plan will now alert the user if there is an issue preventing a reservation from being placed
  • Users can now use the left and right arrow keys to navigate to the previous or next spread whenever viewing pages within “spread mode”
  • When filtered by a region within the book plan and then entering the position details view, clicking the previous and next arrows of the top right will remember which regional version you are filtered by
  • Added a “Short Description” field within the “Editorial Data Import” popup.
  • New company preference to “Auto launch merge tool when pages are ready for merge.”. Example: If a file within the book plan is awaiting merge, the action of clicking on the “Awaiting Merge” status beneath the position will bring you straight to the Merge Tool instead of the position details view first. This preference is OFF by default, but can be turned on by visiting Company Settings -> Virtual Publisher Settings.
  • Users can now regionalize any signature while avoiding the need to assign the other remaining regions. Example: If a signature is set to 2 of 6 available regions, it is not necessary to fill the other 4 regions.
  • The Editorial Manager inDesign plugin is now available for Adobe inDesign v16.0
  • Plugins will now display if you are on the latest version upon opening the sign-in screen

SendMyAd Specific

  • Added new digital ad report displaying ads uploaded to specific media profiles
  • Advertisers can now “View PDFX1A” from the actions menu of an ad
  • Added new publisher setting to hide notes from advertisers
  • Added ability to deliver multiple digital ads to a delivery destination from the digital ads main list view

Virtual Publisher & SendMyAd

  • Implemented new custom view manager for main list views
    • Added ability to save filters and table column configuration
    • Added enhanced pagination with pages numbers
  • History log now displays the custom name of publisher approval that has been completed or rejected
  • Moved each file’s assets list from the left panel of the file details view into a popup which can be found within the file’s actions menu.
  • Empty user avatars now contain user initials for quicker recognition