February 28, 2021 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update Release Notes

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Vertical Style Thumbnails with Thumbnail Sizer
Main list view thumbnails have been updated to a vertical style layout instead of horizontal. This allows us to implement a scale slider so that users can view their thumbnails in 3 different sizes. The views that have been updated include the SendMyAd “Print Ads” view, SendMyAd “Digital Ads” view, SendMyAd “Tablet Ads” view, SendMyAd “Your Approvals” view, and the Virtual Publisher “Plan Items” view. The Virtual Publisher “Editorial Photos” view already has this formatting.

Vertical Thumbs

New thumbnails view with image resizer. Click to watch video.


Additional Recipients on Materials Request form
Added a new item within the “Create an Ad Request” form which allows for additional email recipients to be CC’d on the materials request email. This is for notification purposes only, and will not guide the additional recipients to sign up.

Ad Request Multiple Recipients

Additional recipients input field within materials request form


Ability to Archive Publications
This was based on a feature request so that the customer could de-clutter publication filters around the application. There were older publications that were no longer in use that did not need to be seen as options. Note: Archiving a publication does not remove its contents. It simply prevents it from being shown as an option throughout the software.

Archive Publication

“Archive” action within publication details view


Prevention of region removal if there are items within any book plans that are assigned to that particular region
Region setup is done within the “Market Profiles” main list view. If a user attempts to remove a region that has items assigned to it within a plan, the removal will be prevented and a warning message will pop up.

Publication Region Profile Removal