DUO 2014 Conference “Save the Date”

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Dear DALIM SOFTWARE Colleague:

We wanted to share with you our conference dates of April 24th -25th (arrival evening of April 23rd) for our 2014 meeting which will be held in Washington, DC. The overall consensus was that our 2013 conference was well received and Washington was a good location for our meeting.washington

We are in the early stages of planning the conference and we can assure you that the meeting will be highly informative and will be a great opportunity to learn about new product enhancements, industry and technology developments and the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices with your colleagues.

Please note in your calendar April 24-25 for our 2014 conference. As the program evolves we will be sharing with you program topics and conference information.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at DUO 2014.

Robert Fenikowski – DUO President,
Marcus Spiegler – DUO Vice President