December 2018 SendMyAd & Virtual Publisher Update

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This release was mostly designed to stabilize several bugs found in some of the newer features of the product, but there are a few interesting new features as well.


Virtual Publisher


  • Redesigned merge tool and position tool interface. The newly redesigned merge tool interface moves the information to the top into a bar. This makes data visualize better than hunting for it on the right. 
  • Addition of new quick actions in the merge and positioning tool. The new actions allow for one click adjustments to match ad bleed or trim and easily remove bleed sides. This reduces the need to key in the exact data to make ads place properly. 
  • New print orders feature available for purchase. This new module allows publishers to track exactly where there print order will be distributed. It also comes with a highly style excel spreadsheet and report view as well. In Q1 this feature will include office copy address and quantities as well. This also includes new interfaces to manage distributions channels, distribution locations, and several new region form UI items. 
  • New option in the Virtual Publisher company profile to control which phase of the workflow print ads show up in the clipboard. This new option allows ads to be shown only when they are finished if the publisher desires. 
  • VP Merge tool now allows multiple versions of the same page to be merged at a time as opposed to before the page would lock users out while the file was processing. This speeds usage up in a multi region book. 
  • New ad clipboard options added to select multiple items in the clipboard and apply, Hide, Unhide, Move To Position, and Move To Clipboard. A new filter has been added as well to show hidden ads. 
  • New feature to limit delivery locations to a set of specific publications. This allows publishers to decide which delivery locations will be available in each publication. 
  • Automatic issue creation now supports auto-incrementing the externalId field. 
  • New buttons in region details view to move to the next or previous region. 


VP Photos

  • Removed the need in the Editorial Manager plugin to download VP job options to support OPI photos system. 
  • New “Download Fullsize” action available within photos list view, which will allow for bulk download of all selected photos’ latest revision. 
  • New “Add Tasks” action available within photos list view, which will allow for bulk adding of a task to all selected photos. 
  • New “Send for Corrections” action available within photos list view, which will allow for bulk sending of photos for corrections (max 10 at at time). 
  • New “Mark Tasks Complete” action available within photos list view, which will allow for approval of all tasks for all selected photos. (Note: This will not mark the master approval of “All Corrections Complete” as done). 
  • Added ability to upload to an Issue without specifying an editorial via the “Awaiting Editorial” option within the editorial selector. 
  • New “Change Associated Editorial” action available within the photos list view, which will allow for bulk change of all selected photos’ associated editorial. This action is also available within the photo details view as a pencil icon next to the editorial name in the left panel. (Useful when moving photos from “Awaiting Editorial” to their intended Editorial. 
  • Added a photo status filter within the photos list view. 
  • Added ability to view tasks associated with a photo from the photos list view. 
  • Sending photos off for corrections now locks the ability to add, edit or remove tasks.