DALIM SOFTWARE Will Highlight ES 3 at drupa 2012

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Kehl, Germany – DALIM SOFTWARE, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, will highlight the latest release of its popular customer-facing online on-line production management, ES (Enterprise Solution), at drupa 2012. Visitors to Hall 7a, Stand D07 will see firsthand ES 3’s sophisticated business and production management tools, including a redesigned user interface that makes it easier to access, manage, control, organize, and sort projects and files. This latest version of the ES platform also includes a PDF-enriching option, and an API for easy connectivity with third-party applications. DALIM SOFTWARE will also show new enhancements to TWIST and DIALOGUE engine.

The ultimate user interface

ES 3’s next-generation user interface is smart, intuitive, and powerful. Think of it as an online business planner on steroids. New features, providing enhanced flexibility for users, include:

  • Smart Folders, which can be dynamically created, depending on metadata matching certain criteria.
  • A new check in/check out tool that takes the worry out of managing multiple versions, giving the operator complete control over the editing and updating of documents.
  • Project Data Management creates subdirectories that organize project content-such as text and pictures-into meaningful, descriptive folders.
  • ES DVL Broadcast, which lets users define and sort the pages of any project or job. A virtual clipboard gives users a flatplan view and the ability to manage multiple regional or language versions of a publication.

ES Software Screenshot

Additional Tools

The Enrichment option lets brands and publishing customers leverage ES server technology to turn otherwise static, print-ready PDF files PDF files into interactive digital magazines, newspapers, corporate publications, brochures and catalogs-even adding movies and slide shows-on the iPad. Thus, the content provider has the tools to offer a much more dynamic ‘reader experience’ than just the pure conversion of a magazine ported to an iPad.

ES Software Screenshot

With its Application Programming Interface (API), ES 3 seamlessly integrates with any existing third-party MIS, ERP or DAM system, bringing in additional functions such as soft proofing. For example, an asset management system can use the ES platform to define partners in the workflow, develop approval functions, set milestones, and control every aspect of media production, regardless of the final destination channel.

UPM all-in-one color and workflow management

As one of the first users of ES 3, the paper manufacturer UPM-Kymmene Corporation, will introduce its new service for all-in-one color and workflow management, UPM ColorCTRL, at drupa. Powered by ES, UPM ColorCTRL is a cloud-based PDF workflow management application, offering approval collaboration, version control, pre-flight checking, collaborative soft proofing and color optimization with GMG ColorServer. It is the first full turnkey solution of its kind covering the entire process from creating print ready PDF pages to the final, color accurate print product. UPM ColorCTRL reduces time to market, and saves users time, materials and investment costs.

UPM is piloting the new service with selected customers during the spring and will introduce UPM ColorCTRL at the UPM stand (Hall 06 / Stand D60) at drupa.

Improvements to TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine

While this latest version of the ES platform will garner much of the spotlight at the booth, there are also exciting improvements in the latest releases of TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine.

For starters, TWIST is as much as four times faster, bringing even higher levels of productivity to the workflow. In TWIST, the focus on PDF quality assurance continues, with a new feature-allowing users to automatically compare versions of a document with the control to stop the workflow process if a problem or difference is found. This new capability ensures that the PDF final output is consistent with the intent of the original, delivered file.

The very same compare feature can also be found as an interactive alternative in DIALOGUE Engine, allowing users to review, for example, even the most minute modifications between revisions during the proofing cycle.

The DIALOGUE Engine now supports the Just Normlicht viewing booth, to allow better control when using soft proofing during a press check. With an USB communication interface, when the user opens a file in DIALOGUE Engine, the system will control the brightness of the viewing cabinet and match the image on the monitor with the one on the cabinet-critical when conducting a press check.

“The challenge for anyone involved in media production today is to efficiently meet the evolving requirements of delivering content across a variety of platforms,” says Bertin Sorgenfrey, DALIM SOFTWARE head of International Marketing. “Our feature-rich technology streamlines the production process and manages cross-media content, automating repetitive tasks and file creation, replacing hard-copy proofing with remote soft proofing, and driving online file approval and delivery. At drupa 2012, visitors will be able to see our latest release of ES, providing the most advanced product planning technology available. Together with TWIST automation workflow capabilities and DIALOGUE Engine collaborative proofing features, DALIM SOFTWARE ensures that our users have the most efficient, multi-channel production environment possible, with the ability to integrate all the content of a print or publishing workflow, both static and dynamic, into a single production stream.”

DALIM SOFTWARE will be making product announcements detailing even more new features during drupa.