DALIM SOFTWARE Announces Major Release

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DALIM SOFTWARE to release new major versions of its TWIST, ES, and DIALOGUE Engine software that make the management and processing of print files even more productive, and offer a path into new forms of media


Kehl, Germany, September 23, 2013 – DALIM SOFTWARE, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, announces that it will demonstrate for the first time in Europe a number of major version updates of its popular workflow automation software TWIST, its customer-facing web based production management solution, ES, and its soft proofing application DIALOGUE Engine at stand 9G72 during Labelexpo Europe, 24-27 September 2013, at Brussels Expo in Brussels, Belgium.

DALIM SOFTWARE, along with partners Square and bleuprocess, will also show an easy way to comply with mandatory electronic notification of all products, which includes ‘product label preview delivery’ to the European Commission (EC) prior to a product launch.es

ES (Enterprise Solution), an integrated media production platform, offers a complete solution for the management and production of the many aspects of packaging services being delivered today, regardless of final output. The combination of technical workflow production along with business process management, results in a highly flexible centralized platform for all participants of the media production life cycle. ES offers an intuitive user interface running on a standard web browser, along with available mobile Apps. The new ES features an imposition module that allows for the import of CFF2 templates to automate imposition workflows for packaging.

ES 4, along with its current ability to handle managed content within its own database, will now be able to work with referenced content, particularly useful for those who need to work with very large video files or external storage devices and other file system-based Digital Asset Management systems.

dialogueDIALOGUE Engine, the soft proofing application of ES, also receives a major upgrade and is now available as an HTML5 based solution. This lets user mark up, annotate, compare and approve high-resolution files much easer and faster than before, without the need of any other browser plugin technology- reducing compatibility and security concerns. New annotation management features allow users to comment or reply to notes someone else has written. Also, annotations can be checked as “done”, for better tracking of action items. Specific for labels and packaging, when working in a colour-controlled environment with files that contain spot colours, DIALOGUE Engine has an additional method that can measure the spot colour’s spectral value in addition to the Lab equivalents, for a much more accurate colour reading. Additional new features and performance enhancements are available in the latest version of DIALOGUE Engine.

TWIST, the production automation solution has been completely updated, and provides speed improvements of up to a factor of four.
TWIST 7 is able to monitor FTP servers and receive files via email, making it easier for printers and MSPs to receive customer files, along with the usual hot folder and WEBLINK support. It extends its powerful metadata handling abilities and provides new tools for the creation and conversion of a multitude of image files.twist

One of the more interesting enhancements is to VisualCompare, which is typically used as a quality control tool. For example, it can compare an incoming file from a customer with the final, print-ready version, to check if any errors have been introduced during production. It is also used to compare the plate output of two different RIP technologies (Adobe PDF Print Engine vs. Harlequin for example), to identify potential ripping errors. With TWIST 7, with VisualCompare it is also possible to compare a single piece of artwork (for example a single label or package) with the same file on a complete imposed form. TWIST will automatically identify the location of single reference file on a large form. This way, printers can easily identify issues introduced at step & repeat or nesting.

Complying with EC regulations of ‘product label preview delivery’ for all new products

DALIM SOFTWARE, with partners Square and bleuprocess, have developed a process to generate a single file satisfying printing requirements while delivering a reliable preview for EC regulations of product label preview delivery. Usually, suppliers have had to generate two files: one for printing and one for the EC. It involves additional costs, production delays, and a risk that the file delivered is not the same as the one printed on the product. From a print-ready label file, ES automatically inserts the expected preview of the label within the PDF file-without changing the print file. With this verified PDF PerfectPreview file, it becomes possible to use the same file for printing, as well as EC consultation, without error. This process will be demonstrated at the DALIM SOFTWARE stand.

“We have added new features into ES, DIALOGUE Engine, and TWIST, building on our legacy and allowing our users to maintain their high levels of productivity. For example, our enhanced VisualCompare tool in TWIST 7 is of tremendous value to label printers who have to assure that artwork is accurate,” comments Dr. Carol Werl√©, DALIM SOFTWARE CEO. “And, ES has helped brand owners and converters manage the supply chain. We look forward to returning to Labelexpo Europe to show how DALIM SOFTWARE can offer powerful alternatives.”