Automate Your Digital Ad Collection with SendMyAd

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Tired of the grueling process behind collecting assets for your native, social media & web ads? Automate it.

Digital advertising has become a landscape for brands of all shapes and sizes to showcase their products with more targeted methods than ever before.

With this brings both opportunity and challenges for brands, agencies and content publishers. The opportunity to sell these digital ads is larger than ever, and with that comes an increased burden of resources to make the process efficient and profitable.



Maximize Your Time with SendMyAd Digital

SendMyAd digital specifically caters to these digital opportunities, removing manual work from the process involved in collecting the assets that make up these web & mobile application-based advertisements. Requesting, collecting, previewing and delivering the assets required to construct these ads is now easier than ever before.

Intuitive & User Friendly

An intuitive interface allows advertisers to submit their ad elements in an interactive design studio that displays the ad in various layouts based on templates stemming from social platforms and websites, and also ensures the elements meet the specifications required to successfully display within those mediums.

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This tool is currently in the beta, accepting applicants to help enhance existing development and also guide future efforts to expand its use for widespread adoption among agencies, brands and content publishers. Interested in seeing more? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.