Archiving without a click: DALiM ES offers seamless archiving with Archiware P5

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DALIM ES provides triggers to automatically archive a single file or all files of a project at any stage of a workflow

DALIM SOFTWARE (, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, announces that it has integrated Archiware P5 within DALIM ES to offer an easy path for archiving.

With archiving in DALIM ES, users can save storage space and money, keep everything in one place, and offer long-term preservation of digital assets. As part of the unveiling process of version 5.0 of DALIM ES, the integration with Archiware P5 will be demonstrated during DALIM SOFTWARE’s upcoming user group meetings, EuroDUO and US DUO, and at drupa (Hall 07a/E41).

While DALIM ES offers an advanced asset management system, one of the missing pieces had been archiving. The difference between back-ups with duplication of data for daily production and archiving is the migration of finished products. Archiving is for ever-growing, long rather than mid-term storage, which is constantly controlled and managed. While many companies who finish a project may not see any need for short to medium term use of certain images or other content, they certainly do not want to lose the material for future reference. They want to store their content on media such as DVD, tape or other format for archiving purposes. After thorough research, DALIM SOFTWARE decided that Archiware P5, offered by the well-established German company Archiware GmbH (—in business for 14 years with more than 14,000 users—offered an exceptional solution.

“Archiware has shared offices with a key reseller of ours in Germany, so we have been familiar with them for years. Since we began exploring ways to work together in Bavaria, the number of shared global opportunities for us has skyrocketed,” explains Carol Werlé, DALIM SOFTWARE CEO. “As we developed asset management capabilities in DALIM ES and increased the server’s role in storing intensive graphic content, it made logical sense to also intelligently link our solutions to Archiware P5. Unlike most implementations, DALIM ES offers smart triggers and actions at any point of a business process or technical workflow for seamless archiving.”

Archiware P5 is typically set up through a web browser. However, with a new plug-in, DALIM ES offers triggers to automatically archive a single file, or all files of a project at any stage of a workflow. The archiving policy is easily defined in a set-up template. Of course, manual archiving is also available. Both archiving and restoring files can be conduced based on a file metadata search. P5 is extremely attractive because it is browser based and, as such, is both OS and hardware agnostic. It can work with both disks and tapes, and can perform cloning and back-ups as well as archiving.

In DALIM ES, the asset still exists in the database and can be found with a metadata search. DALIM ES keeps a preview and mini icon of the content on the server, so that a user knows what they are restoring before they access a tape or disk drive.

DALIM SOFTWARE has completed the process of integrating Archiware P5 into DALIM ES. Archiware P5 is available through Archiware’s network of international distributors and resellers.