AdDirect Powered by SendMyAd Wins the Ted Rogers Innovation Award

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – August 11, 2010 – SendMyAd, LLC (, the provider of the innovative digital ad portal for print, web and e-reader ad materials, announces the Magazines Canada AdDirect ad portal received the Ted Rogers Innovation Award for Best Process Improvement. Rogers Communications of Toronto, Canada handed out the award to its employees in recognition of major accomplishments in 2009. SendMyAd and Magazines Canada have partnered for more than a year to provide an ad portal to all publishers in Canada. Rogers Publishing was one of the first publishers in Canada to offer AdDirect to their advertisers.

Charles Blanchard, CEO of SendMyAd and Blanchard Systems stated, “We want to congratulate the team at Rogers on receiving this impressive award. It speaks volumes on the benefits publishers receive from SendMyAd. Our partnership with Magazines Canada has been excellent. We look forward to working with them for years to come providing productivity solutions to publishers in Canada.”

The award recognizes the contribution SendMyAd and AdDirect have made in automating, streamlining and managing the submission, preflight and approval process for advertising files. The portal verifies an ad will print correctly within publisher specifications or, if an ad is incorrectly prepared, identify the issues that need to be corrected. SendMyAd has allowed publishers to reduce the time and resources required to check ads and go back and forth with advertisers on fixes.

At Rogers Publishing, the AdDirect project has exceeded all expectations. Customer uptake is over 90%, rejected ads have been dramatically minimized, turnaround time was reduced by 50% and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Len Goins (Supervisor, Digital Ad Production, DGS Preflight) and Alexandra Pokras (Production Coordinator, DGS Preflight) were specifically cited by Rogers for their invaluable contributions to the development, integration and management of the AdDirect service within Rogers Publishing.

Magazines Canada selected SendMyAd to provide the technology to power the AdDirect ad portal. AdDirect is available to all publishers in Canada. Advertisers can submit ads to all participating publishers through a single portal powered by SendMyAd. There are currently more than 100 titles supported by AdDirect in Canada.

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