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IDS is a web based platform feeding millions of images from professional photographers and their agents to newspapers and magazines.
IDS | Image Management

IDS for Media
IDS provides countless media users world wide with the top live and archived images, videos and features. With IDS, you can have fast and accurate search results with instant access to hi-res images. Search for the latest in live entertainment, news, fashion, sports and more.

IDS for Libraries
Would you like to supply IDS with the latest content? IDS puts your images directly onto the picture editors’ desks. All agencies on IDS are given equal billing, with latest images shown first. Take advantage of IDS with unlimited uploads and a high quality presentation of imagery.

IDS for Brands
Looking for a creative way to promote your brand? Look no further. IDS offers a range of services to promote your brand and get your product and PR images directly in front of picture editors. Upload and tag your product shots with ease. The DIS BrandTracker will even alert you when your brand is mentioned in an image.

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