Reduce Your Overhead with Intelligent Workflow Automation

Twist is a fully automated, pre-media file processing platform that will reduce your overhead and significantly accelerate your production workflow with new found efficiency.
DALIM TWiST | Flexible Media Production Workflow Engine

Save money. Save time. Stay competitive.

To meet the demands of today’s marketplace, you need more flexibility, increased throughput and of course, iron-clad reliability, TWiST delivers. TWiST has empowered organizations across the globe — ad agencies, retailers, government agencies, pre-media houses, and printers — to meet the challenges of today’s world.

With DALiM TWiST, you can now create powerful production workflows that suit your specific needs. TWiST will help you increase production without adding resources. It’s time to automate all of those repetitive tasks, such as preflighting, file optimization and conversion, color management, image transformations and trapping, and more.

TWiST also outputs different formats, depending on your intended use for any given file. You can even take advantage of third-party scripting tools, which make TWiST the most flexible, future-proof workflow engine available today, ensuring a lasting return-on-investment well into tomorrow.

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Dalim Twist Workflow Automation

Product Features

Powerful PDF Preflight
  • GWG compliant preflight
  • Normalization & refining
  • For print, web & mobile
  • Multilingual reporting
Cross Media Workflow
  • Extensive image workflow
  • Enhancing PDF documents
  • Multi-channel file output
  • PDF to ePUB conversion
Custom Integration
  • Hands-off operations through XML integration
  • Built to connect to SQL databases
  • Detailed SDK
  • HTML5 Web interface
Automated Quality Control
  • Ultimate security through automatic file compare
  • Thorough pixel by pixel check
  • Single documents or imposed plates
  • Ability to compare different RIP technologies
Performance & Flexibility
  • Modular feature set for your requirements
  • Enterprise-grade scalability
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Linux and Mac OS X versions available
3rd Party Connectivity
  • Free Adobe® CS/CC plugins
  • Built-in APPE® and PDF Normalizer
  • Connects to Alwan ColorHub and GMG ColorServer
  • Drives Harlequin compliant RIPs