Editing Professional Documents Online Has Never Been Easier

A professional online document editor you can integrate into your web-to-print solution.
CHILI Publish |  Professional Online Document Editing

CHILI Publisher is an online document editing solution that integrates seamlessly and transparently within a wide range of workflows and production platforms. It was built on four core principles: flexibility, open architecture, consistency across systems & platforms, and a browser-based interface.

It provides powerful editing capabilities and comes with an extensive feature set previously only available in dedicated publishing applications. System integrators can choose how to incorporate CHILI Publish software into their workflows, whether for web-to-print, magazine publishing, packaging, brand management, yearbook applications, or others. CHILI Publisher embeds into the application and is fully customizable to each end user’s needs.

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Product Features

Easy-to-Use Interface
Supports Paragraph & Character Styles
Baseline Grid Alignment
Path Editor including Bezier Curves
Reuse Design Elements as Snippets
Alternate Layouts
Import Content from External Apps
Advanced Type & Photo Manipulation
Realtime Visualisation