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Asset Studio |  Streamlined Solutions & Smart Workflows for Digital Assets

Asset Studio provides teams with the technology and flexibility needed to dramatically increase efficiency within digital media workflows and stay competitive in the modern digital age.

Digital media production is now easier than ever with features like facial & object recognition, advanced comparison tools, corrections workflows and more. Say goodbye to managing multiple applications and disconnected workflows. Asset Studio has all of the tools you need built into one platform.

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Product Features

Facial & Object Recognition

The days of manually tagging photos with content are no more. Asset studio automates the process of identifying and tagging people and objects recognized within your digital content.


Comparisons & Selects

Utilize an elegant comparison view to streamline your selection process within a digital asset collection, providing both high-resolution zoom capabilities and synchronized image movement.


Markup & Corrections

Markup occurs inside of Asset Studio and allows for the addition of tasks to be placed directly onto your digital content. This annotated content can be delivered to, viewed and corrected by teams anywhere in the world. Production teams can then compare corrected revisions side-by-side and approve or reject the changes made.


Desktop Uploader App

Schedule, manage and assign photoshoots and other media requests through Asset Studio. Assigned content providers can easily drag and drop files straight from their desktop to the web or the AssetManager desktop application.


Asset Sharing

Create and share albums of digital media to individuals inside and outside of Asset Studio. Albums are highly configurable, with options such as choosing specific file formats, expiring share links and even custom watermarking.


File Deliveries

Automate the delivery of your approved files to their final destinations using custom variable-based naming conventions.


Asset Requests

Schedule, manage and assign requests through Asset Studio. Streamline the management of these requests with simplified assignment creation and automated email notifications.


Custom Notifications

Asset Studio can automatically notify users when specific workflow events happen within the platform. Send notifications to single users and entire groups that can be customized as you see fit.


Custom Branded Portal

Provide your team members and collaborators with familiarity and security with a landing page designed specifically to represent your company and brand.


Users Rights & Management

Ensure your team members operate in the appropriate capacity using customizable user permissions for both individuals and groups.


Talent Approvals

Send approval requests to the people identified within your digital content that is available to them through an easy to use desktop or mobile interface, complete with the ability to annotate, approve and reject.


Company Approvals

Manage each stage of individual assets and entire projects with robust, customizable approval cycles to eliminate mistakes and guarantee the quality of your content.